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We offer a systematic migration program to Open Source technology.
  • Assuring the security and reliability of your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Preserving existing functionality with support for legacy software (DOS/Win) and the addition of new capabilities.
  • Introduction of fault-tolerant technology for critical applications, and also advanced GRID techoology.
  • Realization of flexible portal technology, allowing physically distributed IT infrastructure to be administered centrally.
  • Optimal licensing terms using free software products (with no limits on the number of potential working places.
  • Reduction of licensing and support expenses for each workplace.
  • Simplified procedures for administration, support and service.
  • Creation of distributed, replicatable IT infrastructure

Among the principle security advantages of this approach are:

  1. The ability to construct a system with more a more precise system of access restrictions (and as a result the absence of viruses).
  2. The ability to conduct a full audit of the system for program patches and undocumented features.
  3. The ability to legally modify existing program programs in accordance with the specific goals of tasks of the organization.
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